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Analytics Used to Plan, Produce and Promote the Following Podcasts

Why do We Need Podcast SEO in 2021?

With over 1,000,000 Podcasts published on Apple Podcasts and Spotify combined, and more Podcasts published in the last 2 years than the last 20, it's becoming harder to build awareness and win the attention of podcast audiences.

Better targeting = more organic traffic
Aligned audiences = audiences that stick
Audience growth = long term success

Podcast Maps Guides You
Through the Podcast Maze

How Long Should my Podcast Episode Be?

We'll map your podcast audio length against your category averages and feedback on how your compare.

Which Episodes Work Best for My Audience?

By analyzing your podcast performance we can suggest which episodes and content types will help you grow your audience.

How Often Should I Publish My Podcast?

Once a month? Once a week? There are many different opinions, but only we have the data to guide you to an optimum publishing schedule.

What Podcast Keywords Will Grow My Audience?

We'll track your target keywords and tell you how you are ranking on Podcast Stores for maximum Podcast SEO.

Where am I in Podcast Rankings?

We'll track your Podcast positions across 245 Apple Podcast stores and tell you where you are performing best allowing you to correlate episodes with ranking.

How Long Should my Podcast Title & Description Be?

We'll help you optimize your podcast title and description lengths to match your category average.

What's Inside Podcast Maps?

Welcome to the world of Big Podcast Data

(1) Podcast Audience Data

Grow your audience by identifying what content works best and which are the most engaging episodes.

Works with Your Existing Host or RSS feed

Monitor Feed Health to Identify Down Time or Issues

(2) SEO Data

Optimize Podcast keywords, audio length, cadence, titles and descriptions to attract organic Podcast Store traffic

Monitor Keywords Critical to your Brand

Optimize Titles and Descriptions

Optimize Audio Length for Your Audience


(3) Podcast Store Rankings

Amplify your podcast by reaching the coveted top 10 position on Apple Podcasts

Monitor Podcast Store Performance across 240 Countries

Identify Markets and Trends

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